Simon Scott  

Simon will be probably forever introduced as the former drummer of shoegaze gods Slowdive, and the person who left the band after the ground-breaking album Souvlaki. But it would be unjust and ignorant to regard his presence in Slowdive as the peak of his musical career, after his excellent comback album ''Navigare'' on Miasmah in 2009, "Bunny" in 2011 and the vast amounts of collaborations, releases and side projects he has been involved with since then. Able to conjure up everything from the darkest lynchian soundscapes, re-animated field recordings and sludgy, blissful drones, he has the ability and vision not many artists have to try mess up and re-create his own sound and style for a new unexpected approach.

Miasmah appearances :
MIA 017 - Bunny
MIA 011 - Navigare



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