MIA057 : Mondkopf - Spring Stories - CD/DL


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> Together with Sonic Pieces, we have opened a physical showroom / record store / gallery in the Schöneberg area of Berlin. It´s named after our web-store MI — SO and the adress is Gustav-Müller-Platz 1. We´re open Fridays 14-19h + Saturdays 14-18h and by appointment. If you are a local or simply passing by town, we´d happy to see you. Stop by and listen to records by our window and have a chat with us. We´re also stocking a selection of records by like minded + local labels and artists and we´ll be doing small listening sessions as well as regular changing exhibitions of art connected to artists and musicians we work with. Please get on our Berlin mailing list to keep up to date.

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MIA 055 : Svarte Greiner - Devolving Trust
MIA 051 : Matt Christensen - Constant Green
MIA 050 : James Welburn - Sleeper in the Void


Kyr radio mix (2021) by Erik K Skodvin
Skrekkfilmbok by Svarte Greiner
Labyrinth Evening by Svarte Greiner
Under the leaves by Svarte Greiner
A possible escape (2020 mix)
by Erik K Skodvin
Escapism, weirdness, melancholy and distress for the new and the old world (Radio Syg ma)
2020 by Erik K Skodvin
Secret Thirteen mix (2015) by Marcus Fjellström
Sterrenplaten March 2019 mix by Kaboom Karavan
The Lot Radio mix by Clarice Jensen
Secret Thirteen mix by James Welburn
Vapor (a miasmah mix)
by Svarte Greiner
Fractured air mix by Andrea Belfi
Headphone commute mix by Marcus Fjellström
Icarus mix
by Kreng
Seeksicksound mix by Erik K Skodvin
Miasmah label profile mix by Klankshap
Secret Thirteen mix by Simon Scott
Secret Thirteen mix by Svarte Greiner
Headphone Commute mix by Kreng
Secret Thirteen mix
by Kreng
Headphone Commute mix
by Simon Scott
Resident Advisor mix by Svarte Greiner
"Shining Urn" Film score mix
by Svarte Greiner.

Berlin Events (Rrose Sélavy)
>Rrose Sélavy was a Berlin event series by Miasmah with Sonic Pieces, Morr Music & occasionally Root Strata (RIP 2018). Started 2011 and ending in 2020.

> Rrose Sélavy web
> Rrose Sélavy Bandcamp

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