Miasmah Recordings
anno 1999/2006


contact :
skodvin@online.no for label issues
ed@dense.de for promotional issues
matze@morrmusic.com for physical distribution issues
jens@morrmusic.com for digital distribution issues
monique@sonicpieces.com for licencing issues


get releases from:
mi — so store
(our own physical store
located in Schöneberg, Berlin
which also acts like a webshop)

- anost (de/world) - boomkat (uk)
forced exposure
(us) - pdis (jp) - soundohm (it)
bent crayon (us) - tiger (no) - holy mountain (es) -
- a-music (de) - materia prima (pt) - flur (pt)
- norman (uk) - konkurrent (be/nl) + +

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A brief history of miasmah

Conceived in the late-90s as a reaction to the popular 'demo scene'
Miasmah released 63 freely downlodable tracks & albums
available through the creative commons license and archive.org.

In 2006, Miasmah started to press CDs and vinyl, releasing
critically-aclaimed albums by both established and
up-and-coming artists, developing the label's cohesive aesthetic
and establishing it as a purveyor of "music for scenes and places."
Miasmah is run by Norwegian Berliner Erik K Skodvin and is distributed by Anost/Morr Music (Worldwide)

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