V/A - Silva


Silva' is the debut release from Norwegian-based label Miasmah, yet it is by no means their first foray into the music scene. After working as a net-label releasing MP3 albums and EPs for years, they have already racked up over 60 releases, featuring artists such as Helios, Paavoharju and Deaf Center. No surprise then that holding the reigns at Miasmah is Erik Skodvin, one half of the aforementioned and always mysterious Deaf Center. While compiling this compilation, Skodvin asked artists he had worked with and who he admired to create a track with a theme in mind; theatrical and dark organic music. Hearing Deaf Center's most recent album 'Pale Ravine' would give you a good idea on this sound, yet Skodvin wanted to take it further, and in doing so he has managed to collect up some of the best artists working in the genre at the moment. Opening the compilation is newcomer Makunouchi Bento who contributes a solemn piano piece, before Type mainstay Julien Neto launches into 'Ninety Four', which is the first we've heard of him since his breathtaking debut album. City Centre Offices double act Yasume also make an extremely rare appearance with new track 'Wakare' (which for those interested means 'Farewell' in Japanese…), a Lynchian fusion of strings and digitally enhanced beats. Marsen Jules, also of City Centre Offices, offers up yet more of the droney orchestral goodness we have come to love with 'Rainy Days in Milan', and Type's Ryan Teague takes the orchestral theme even further with a dark violin piece, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. As the record comes to a close, with the blood curdling tryptich of Dead Center, Svarte Greiner (Erik Skodvin's solo project) and Lampse's Jasper TX one thing is on your mind, to press play once more and re-live the darkly mysterious dreamscape that is 'Silva

1) MAKUNOUCHI BENTO "Piacente" 2) JULIEN NETO "Ninety Four" 3) YASUME "Wakare" 4) GULTSKRA ARTIKLER "Mehanik" 5) LIBRARY TAPES "The scratches on the window on the door of each cell" 6) MARSEN JULES "Rainy days in Milan" 7) RYAN TEAGUE "Study for prepared violin" 8) GREG HAINES "The Tired Diary (edit)" 9) DEAF CENTER "Low Field" 10) SVARTE GREINER "Traditional wood on trees" 11) ) JASPER TX "July"





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