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Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti

Gareth Davis plays various clarinets. He also partakes regularly in the consumption of coffee, in particular, that which is brewed by forcing hot water, under pressure, through finally ground beans. Espresso /esˈpres.əʊ/. Either single origin or a few signature blends, stalwart companions, that, year in year out, retain a solidity by clinging to their name. Changing yes, but temperamental no. Ascaso stepless burr grinder. La Pavoni Europicola machine which, on occasion, has been known as the chrome peacock. Gareth spends a fair amount of time at airports, but prefers traveling by train.

Frances-Marie Uitti has a zoo of cellos; an aluminum one from the 20's, a six string one with no body, a digital one with a body but no strings, a plastic one, a Mongolian deviant, an Uzbecki wannabe, plus a slew of quasi-normal ones. For the Gramercy recording she used 2 bows in one hand.

Miasmah appearances :
MIA 019 - Gramarcy



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