B / B / S /

Formed in 2012 in Berlin, Germany, B/B/S/ is the trio of Aidan Baker (CA – Nadja, Whisper Room, ARC) on guitar, Andrea Belfi (IT – David Grubbs, Hobocombo, Il Sogno del Marinaio) on drums/electronics, and Erik Skodvin (NO – Svarte Greiner, Deaf Center) on guitar. The group makes largely improvisational music and although coming from different places both physically and musically, they overlap eachother in a way not heard that often in improvised music, throwing eachother through as diverse genres such as drone, free jazz, doom, psychedelia, shoegaze, avant-garde and tribal music. All experienced musicians in their own ways, this meeting of likeminded yet diverse minds somehow makes sense especially at the time we live in now.

Miasmah appearances :
MIA 033 - Palace
MIA 022 - Brick Mask
MIA 022-7 - Half Moon



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