New Svarte Greiner composition for Marit Følstad´s new installation "The Marble Index".

A new 20 minute composition for Marit Følstad´s new installation "The Marble Index" is being exhibited in New York City from April 21st to May 22 at Rooster Gallery in Manhatten. I´ll be going over for some shows at the same time.

"Rooster Gallery is pleased to present The Marble Index, Marit Følstad’s first solo exhibition in New York City. Consisting of a multi-channel video installation, two single channel video works, a soundtrack, sculptures and prints, The Marble Index borrows its title from Nico’s influential 1968 album, produced by John Cale, which was described by critic Simon Reynolds as “one of the most harrowing and death-fixated albums in rock history.” With a broad spectre of references, from rock history to baroque portrait painting, all of Følstad’s works in this site-specific installation investigate and explore the relationship between sound, space and video image. Through the breakdown of organic structures and the process of recreating them into new forms and meta-systems, Følstad creates an immersive installation and achieves a true Gesamtkunstwerk that captures the viewer and facilitates a place for thinking, reflection and new associations to the hidden backdrops, thus providing the works their raison d’être. Sound and space have a close relationship and in The Marble Index none takes precedence to the other, working simultaneously and attuned, as the artist is particularly interested in what happens when pre-recorded sound and architectural space meet. Følstad is therefore aware that the pitch in the space is based upon wavelengths that correspond to the measurements of the room, frequency is determined by the size of the space and is also dependent on its intrinsic qualities – hard, soft or textured surfaces, resonance ability, etc. – among other factors that influence the final outcome of her work.

The permanent presence of sound, especially composed by Berlin based musician Svarte Greiner, allows both gallery floors to be connected in a deliberate attempt to guide the viewer through a space inhabited by visual elements and physical objects while immersed in a sonic experience. Marit Følstad will also be releasing an artist book in May, published by the Norwegian art book publisher Teknisk Industri, during her stay in New York (dates to be announced). Additionally there will be book launches in Chicago, Berlin and Oslo.

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